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How to disable your Norton antivirus?

When we talk about device security, the very first thing comes in our minds is reliable antivirus. Today, you can see a good amount of antivirus vendor in the market. Now, the question is whom to believe and whom to not? Should I go for paid antivirus or a freeware? Well, everything depends on you; always choose the antivirus which is good for your pocket as well as good for your device. Norton offers excellent security features at good prices. If we compare the services and rates; Norton is one of the best antivirus software programs.

If you don't want to spend money on antivirus, Norton also offers freeware which provides basic security features. But if you want a total security for your device then Norton setup with product key is best for you. This antivirus provides various excellent features such as powerful scan, VPN, password manager, parental control, firewall, etc.

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Norton offers powerful personal firewall which monitors the traffic of your network and prevents all unauthorized data transfer. It actively monitors all data packets and URL which are entering in your network. If any unreliable URL tries to enter in your network, Norton blocks the traffic and secures your network. But sometimes people want to access the website which seems unreliable. At that case, you have to disable the firewall of Norton. If you are still facing issues with disabling the firewall then try disabling Norton antivirus. Follow the steps given below for disabling your Norton antivirus:

Steps for disabling individual protection

  1. Go to Norton dashboard
  2. Now go to the protection you want to disable
  3. Click on the service and toggle the button to disable
  4. You can easily enable the service by toggling the button again to enable

Steps for disabling all Norton protections

  1. Open Norton antivirus dashboard
  2. Go to "options"
  3. Hit the "Advanced Option" button
  4. Click on "Temporary Disable Norton Protection"
  5. Now read the warning carefully and choose "Disable Norton for" option
  6. Hit the "Until Restart" button to disable Norton antivirus until you restart your device
  7. Finally, hit the "OK" button
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Disabling your antivirus is not a good practice; it can get you into various dangerous treats. Norton antivirus provides excellent security from lots of harmful malware. The powerful scan feature of Norton removes all malware such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, etc from your device and makes your device secure. You can schedule your scans which helps you to provide a regular scan to your device.

Norton Activation provides frequent updates because malware infection is increasing day by day; new threats are getting more and more harmful. Regular updates of Norton protect you from all new threats. So updating your antivirus from time to time is necessary to get protected from all malware.

Norton antivirus offers VPN which provides an extra layer of protection in the unsecured network. Public Wi-Fi is prone to cyber-attacks. Using public Wi-Fi for online banking and sharing crucial data can be dangerous. VPN secures the data packets by encrypting them and sending them directly to the server via a secure terminal.

One of the best features of Norton antivirus is that you can use single Norton antivirus subscription in your various devices. If you chose a multi-device subscription plan; you can secure your Windows PC, MacBook, and Smartphone all together.

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