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Best Security Tips for Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire tablets e-readers are gaining popularity nowadays. With Kindle, you can download books and read them. This device is small and light-weighted; with this small device, you can store more than a thousand books. You can also download PDFs and enjoy your reading. Not only this, but it also has a touch screen keyboard which helps you to make searches on the internet. People mostly prefer Wi-Fi for downloading books on Kindle but you can also download the e-books on your desktop or Mac and transfer the book to your Kindle with the help of USB cable.

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Here are some benefits of Kindle:

  • You can store about 1400 e-books.
  • Automatic bookmark 
  • You can adjust text size
  • NO heating issue
  • Password protection
  • Allow you to read web pages, magazines, and newspaper
  • You can also rotate the screen
  • High-contrast screen
  • Page tuning function
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Automatic archive function
  • Built-in Oxford English Dictionary

Alike other devices, Kindle also need some sort of security so you can prevent any kind of loss.

Lock your Kindle with a strong password

You can access Facebook and Twitter on your Kindle. If your Kindle get stolen or lost then there are chances that your privacy may compromise. So if you want to protect your SNS accounts from any kind of invasion then you should set a strong password for your Kindle. Always use a password which should unique and meaningless that nobody can crack it by guessing. Make a password which should be at least 12-15 characters long. Use both uppercase and lowercase letters with some special characters and numbers for creating your password. This password will help to keep an unauthorized person from using your Kindle. For setting the password in your Kindle; follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Go to settings
  3. Hit the More button
  4. Click on security
  5. Enable Lock Screen Password
  6. Now enter the password
  7. Renter the password for confirmation purpose
  8. Hit the confirm button

Lock the Wi-Fi

Kindle also provides a special feature where you can lock the Wi-Fi access with a password. With this feature, you can restrict web surfing to the other person using your Kindle. This feature is very helpful in case of kids. You can lock the Wi-Fi and prevent any kind of inappropriate content exposure to your kids. For locking the Wi-Fi follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Click on Restrictions
  3. Click on Enable Restrictions
  4. Enter the password
  5. Renter the password

Now you will see a new setting in your Kindle which shows "Password Protected Wi-Fi". If you want to access the internet then you have to insert the password.

Use antivirus program

Kindle is less prone to malware threats like viruses etc. But, you are using the internet that means there are chances of getting internet threats. Install in your Kindle for preventing any kind of internet threats. This antivirus provides junk cleaner, malware detection and removal, password manager, SNS protection, and various other top tools which provide good security to your Kindle.

Clear your browser

Your browser history, cookies, caches can be used against you. Cybercriminal can use this information for getting your browsing details, passwords, etc. You access your social networking sites, emails, and other accounts which need privacy. If you want to keep your data protection from any kind unauthenticated access then you should clean your browser from time to time. Cleaning browser junk will also help to free lots of digital space.

Kindle is an excellent gadget for kids; they can learn lots of things with this gadget. Use Kindle with few security measures and provide your kids with a better platform to read.

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