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Why McAfee antivirus is so important to prevent cybercrimes?

If we talk about killing time; net surfing will rank first! Today, most of people prefer watching online movies, games rather than playing outside in the sun. With the internet, you can save you lots of time. Now you don't always have to stand on the queue at your bank. With online shopping, you can shop from anywhere! You can talk to a person who is sitting thousands of miles away from you. But along with merits, there are also various risks related to the internet. But this doesn't mean you should not use the internet. Well, working without internet is this century looks pretty difficult.

If you start accessing the internet with few preventive measures then there will be minimal chances of falling into threats. If we talk about security measures then installing a reliable antivirus can be the best way to keep minimize the cybercrimes. provides various tools are services which provide good security against cyber threats.

Good malware detection and removal rate

McAfee antivirus has good malware detection rate. The zero-day malware detection rate of McAfee is also very high which means it can easily detect all new malware. The malware removal rate of McAfee is also very high; it can remove all viruses and other malware at the time they arrive.

Password Manager

People keep their crucial documents password-protected so no unauthorized person can access it. But what if somebody hacks your password? If you want to keep your data secure from all unauthorized access then firstly you have to secure your passwords. Use a unique password which should be lengthy and difficult to guess. Always use a unique password for your every account. McAfee offers TrueKey password manager where you can store your passwords and all other crucial data like bank details. Password manager not only secures your passwords from others but also help you in generating unique, lengthy, and strong passwords.

Personal Firewall

Every Operating System provides an inbuilt firewall which monitors the data traffic. But with the increasing number of threats; you need an advanced firewall which can protect you from bigger threats. McAfee provides a personal firewall which actively monitors your incoming and outgoing data. If the firewall feels anything suspicious; it instantly holds the traffic and prevents any kind of data loss.

Spam filter

Spam messages are used for advertisement purpose but hackers and cybercriminals use spam messages for spreading malware or phishing attacks. You get hundreds of spam messages everyday which makes the email account cluttered; finding an important mail gets troublesome. With McAfee spam filter, you are secure from all spam messages which can cause any kind of harm to you.


With McAfee's SiteAdvisor, you can securely surf the internet. If you get encountered with an unsecured website, your SiteAdvisor warns you before loading it.

Parental Control

If you have kids in your home then this feature helps you to keep your kids safe from various inappropriate websites. You can use content filters which block or allow the kid to access a certain website. With a safe search filter; the browser only shows appropriate content. You can also keep a log on your child activities.

Multiple devices

You can use a single subscription of McAfee for your various devices. You can secure your desktop PC, your MacBook, and your Android phone with a single subscription.


If you are using public Wi-Fi then using a VPN is a must. Under unsecured network, there are lots of chances of falling into any kind of threat like data breach or eavesdropping. VPN encrypts the data packets and sends them via a secured tunnel which prevents these kinds of threats.

McAfee offers various other exclusive features such as safe online vaults, anti-theft, anti-spyware, safe browsing, ad blocker, data shredder, etc which helps you to prevent cybercrime and provides a secure platform to work.

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