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What is the definition of Computer Worms?

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computer worms, What is the definition of Computer Worms?

An essential handbook on computer worms and how they work:

A computer worm resembles a computer virus, but unlike a virus, it does not have to attach to an existing program.

Worms are designed to spread: Some worms can send to everyone in their address book and then to everyone in their address book, which allows them to spread to millions of servers in a few hours. In the most extreme cases, the worms affected computer networks around the world and drastically slowed down the network.

Exploitation Nature: Worms usually exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems and spread via e-mail or other document transfer functions found on network computers. They often hide in elements of operating systems that are automatic and usually invisible to you. Computer viruses and Worms are often noticed only if their uncontrolled replication consumes significant system resources, slowing down or stopping other tasks.

How worms Damages: Many worms have been produced simply for spreading and are not trying to ruin the computers they pass by. "Payload" is a piece of code that is usually created to cause harm - it can delete files from your computer, encrypt files as part of extortion, or connect to outgoing e-mail. Installing a backdoor is an extremely common function of worms, which can later be used with other malware, allowing the worm author to take control of infected computers.

Notorious worms: It was first detected in November 2008 and has since quickly spread to what is now considered to be the largest computer worm infection since SQL Slammer from 2003, with over 7 million computers infected in over 200 countries.

How to Safe: Best way to maintain protection against computer worms Worms now account for almost 8% of all malicious programs detected, as disclosed in reports in early 2011, taking third place after widespread Trojan infections (nearly 70 percent of all known ailments) and conventional viruses (16 percent of all detected infections).

As worms spread by exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems, application vendors provide regular security updates. If you install these updates on your computer, almost all worms will not be able to sabotage it. Having antivirus software installed will definitely away worms from your devices. To Webroot Activate you need to install first on your device then use a 25 digit key to activate it.

Having anti-virus software, firewall software or anti-virus software running on your computer will provide protection against all known types of worms, but they should all be updated according to fresh virus definitions at least every few days. In addition, be careful when opening unexpected emails, launching linked files or applications, or visiting websites linked to such emails.

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