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What are Trojan Horses and how to get rid of them?

The word Trojan horse is taken from Ancient Greek story which means misleading the people from its actual identity. Today, Trojan horse term is used for malicious software which looks genuine to the user but can create lots of harmful activities inside your device. Trojan can change the device's settings and affects the processing and other jobs.

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How Trojan affects your device?


A Trojan horse can be used as spyware. Whenever you perform any online banking activity; the Trojan monitors your activity, steals your credit cards details and sends the information to cyber criminal secretly.

Browser language settings

If the language of your browser suddenly gets change then you might have Trojan on your device. Sometimes, Trojan chances your search engine settings.

Creates Backdoor

Cyber criminals can use Trojan for creating back doors. Trojan can mask its identity and breach the security of your device. They create a backdoor for the cyber criminals to enter in your device.

DDoS attack

Trojans can be very dangerous. They not only steal the data but can also use your device for own purpose. The cyber criminal uses Trojan for DDoS attack and can use your device for performing various inappropriate jobs. This can make you a potential criminal in the eye of cyber law.

Can send expensive messages

Trojans are not only used for stealing data or harming the device. Cyber criminals can use Trojans for making money. They send Trojan to the host device; the Trojan sends expensive SMS messages to various numbers which can collect revenue for the cyber-criminal.

Slow down your device

There can be many reasons for slowing down the device's speed. Junk files or low memory space usually cause a speed issue. But Trojan can be a potential reason for slowing down the device. Trojan uses various resources of your device which lead to slow performance of your device.

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How to get rid of your Trojan Horses?

Removing Trojan manually is difficult. The best way of removing Trojan is by using antivirus. With Webroot Activation, you can remove all Trojan horse easily. Antivirus not only removes Trojan but also prevent other malware from entering in your device.

Here are the steps for removing Trojans manually:

  • Identify the Trojan

Firstly you have to find out the Trojan from your device. Identifying Trojan is a bit difficult because they mask themselves and hide silently. The common method for detecting Trojan is by searching for affected files. Trojans mostly give DLL error; copy the error and search for the affected exe file.

  • Disable system restore

Now you have to disable system restore feature because if you don't disable this feature; the deleted file will get restored.

  • Restart your device

Restart your device and run safe mode.

  • Search for the affected program

Go to your control panel. Click on Add and remove programs and remove program which is affected by the Trojan.

  • Remove Extension

Delete all files extensions related to Trojan horse.

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By these steps, you can remove Trojan from your device and make your device Trojan-free.

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