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Social Networking Safety Tips for Netizens to Stay Safe on the Internet

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram becomes a great platform for keeping yourself connected to the rest of the world. With social networking platform, you can meet new people; share your views, share pictures, videos, etc with your friends. Today social networking site is one of the most potential platforms for digital marketing. Teens prefer killing time on SNSs rather than doing other activities. Adults use a social networking platform for attracting customer and spreading their business. But sometimes these social sites can get you huge loss! So, it's better to take certain preventive measures while using these networking sites.

Limit your sharing

People often say "Sharing is caring" but too much sharing can be dangerous. People love to share their views, travel diaries, birthday images on social media. Sharing post events pictures is good but you should never share anything about your about upcoming events such as travel plans, upcoming meetings, etc. This may lead to stalking and similar kind of threats. You should not share your phone number, home address, etc to an unknown person on SNS. You should keep your personal data private on these websites.

Check your privacy settings

All SNSs have their default privacy settings which allow and disallow various factors. You should check which part of your information is visible publicly, which information should visible to your friend list, and which part of your information should not be shared with anyone. A good number of followers means more popular. But is that safe? Avoid accepting unknown friend requests. An attacker can create a fake account and then send a request to you. If you accept the request, then the person can easily access your feeds, photos, and all other posts. He may use your personal details for performing malicious activities under your name.

Avoid social surveys and quizzes

Did you fill out the survey forms? We often get some survey or quizzes on SNS such as "Fill your details and check about your past life." This is nothing but a fraud! When you fill out those forms, your whole information will be sending out to the hackers which he can later sell over the internet. Never participate in this type of quizzes and surveys. Even if you do, never fill any personal detail correctly.

Get a strong password

Hacking social media sites is not rocket science today. If you don't use the safety measures; even a teen can hack your account. Always use a strong password for your SNSs. People mostly prefer simple passwords which can be easily remembered such as personal phone number or DOB. But this can be really harmful. You should always use a lengthy alphanumeric password for your social networking sites. Never use the same password for every account, but the problem is people use numerous accounts and remembering many passwords is difficult. You can use a password manager for this job. A password manager can store your all passwords securely and you don't have to remember them. You just have to remember the master key of a password manager. With just one password you can easily access your other passwords. You should use an antivirus program which can provide reliable safety measures such as which offers various top features such as personal firewall, password manager, powerful scan, VPN and many more. Antivirus can protect your account from fake pop-ups, adware, Trojans, spyware, and all other malicious threats.

Avoid SNS with less number of download

When you open the play store, you can see lots of SNSs are available for download. But you should always go for a reliable one. Always read out the reviews and check the rating; if you find not good enough then you should move to the next one. If you see a good number of downloads then you can consider it as a reliable one.

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