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How to fix Malwarebytes not opening?

Malware bytes is still a fantastic virus scanner using a huge database. It has become popular for its performance and ability to locate viruses that other malware scanners neglect. There are, however, several problems regarding this tool.


User experience has shown many helpful techniques that can solve this problem and restart Malwarebytes correctly. Check them out below and make sure you carefully follow the instructions to hopefully resolve the problem. Let us discuss how to fix Malwarebytes not opening

What prevents Malware bytes from starting on Windows?

There are many different reasons why Malwarebytes may not start on your computer. The reasons vary, from serious to trivial, and it is important to act quickly. Check the list of potential causes, we have prepared below and we will only identify the one that may suit your situation:

Malware disease - If your computer has been infected with malware, the virus can block mbam.exe executable in any way. Renaming can help solve the problem.

Damaged user accounts - Corruption or damage to user accounts in the Windows operating system is very dangerous and can prevent you from using many different programs such as Malwarebytes.

Think about changing to a different user profile!

Potential infections

Malicious files often prevent you from launching various anti-malware tools simply by blocking the launch of executable files with the same names. It follows that if you are infected, you cannot run Malwarebytes because its executable name is blocked by malware. You can work around this by simply assessing the executable.

  1. Find the program's installation folder by right-clicking your shortcut on your desktop or anywhere else and selecting Open File Location from the menu.

  2. Find the mbam.exe file from the Malwarebytes installation folder, then right-click it, and then select Rename from the context menu.

  3. Make sure you choose the name that corresponds to many of the basic Windows procedures, such as one or explorer.exe, to make sure that the virus does not block the file name.

  4. Try running Malwarebytes to find out if it opens. Select the scan option available on this tool's home screen. Please be patient before the end of the procedure, which can undoubtedly take some time. If malware was found on your computer, confirm to remove or remove it.

  5. Restart your computer after the scanning procedure and check if you still have problems with malware!

This problem often occurs because of corrupted user accounts used to log in to Windows. This problem can manifest itself in different ways when using different applications and it is always better to simply create a new user account and simply use everything. Your user accounts can only be associated with some files that can be easily uploaded.

Enter the following command to be able to view user accounts. Make sure you click Input:

Click Insert, and then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. Remember to create non-Microsoft accounts by selecting Signal without any Microsoft accounts (not recommended) from the window base. Then fill in other details, such as name and password, and review.

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