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How to fight against Mobile Banking Threats?

Whenever we talk about security, we usually think about PC security. People install security software in their PCs and Laptops for keeping them safe from all kind of threats. What about mobile devices? Are they safe? If we talk compare mobile devices with PCs then most probably yes. Mobile devices provide better security features from PCs. But this does not mean that your mobile device is fully safe.

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In this growing technology; mobile phones have become of the handiest devices. One of the best features of mobile phone is internet banking. Now you can shop, pay, transfer funds instantly with your mobile. People actually prefer mobile phones over PCs for net banking because it's easy for two-factor verification. Everything comes with a price; mobile net banking is getting easier but at the same time online banking threats are increasing. A single malware can infect your whole mobile device as well as get you into a large number of funds lost. If you are using net banking on your mobile phone then you should take extra preventing measures.

Here we have discussed some common mobile banking threats:

  • Poor banking applications

Banking applications are mostly secure than other applications. There is a number of banking applications available in your Play Store. People get cash-back, offers and various other benefits of using these applications. But there are also various fake applications which attract the customers with their offers and then collect all banking and credit cards details.

  • Public Wi-Fi

Cybercriminals prefer unsecured public network for hackers because they easily get a large number of people accessing the same unsecured network which means an easy target.

  • Malware attack

Malware such as Trojans horses, spyware, botnets, keyloggers, etc can monitor and steal your passwords, banking details, credit card details and send it back to the attacker.

  • Unsecured device

Devices which are not password protected can be a potential target of the attacker.

How to secure your mobile phones with banking threats?

You have to be ahead of the attacker for preventing any of banking attack because once you get attacked your account balance will go to nil.

Let's discuss some safety measures against mobile banking threats:

  • Use two-factor verification

Two-factor verification provides good safety against online banking threats. In this process; you will require two passwords for making the payment. One is your account password and other is the generated OTP. You will get this OTP on your registered phone number or email id. If an unauthorized person hacks your bank details; he can't make the payment until he enters the generated OTP.

  • Install security software

An antivirus is an essential tool for securing your device with various hacking practices. People usually don't install antivirus in a mobile device but if you are using your mobile phone for net-banking, online shopping, paying bills, etc then you must install www McAfee Activate on your phone. It offers various security features such as VPN, firewall, anti-spyware, password manager, etc for securing your bank related activities.

  • Use electronic signature

An electronic signature is very helpful in various fields such as retail branches, eCommerce, etc. This feature increases security and reduces fund-theft cases.

  • Check SMS

If you are getting an irrelevant OTP; it means someone is trying to make a payment from your account. You should quickly call the customer support of your bank and get the whole details about your transactions.

You should also adopt some security measures such as:

  • Never share your password and bank details to anybody
  • Don't write your passwords anywhere; you should use a password manager for keeping your passwords secure
  • Always put a password on your phone
  • Be aware of voice phishing

With these safety practices, you can enjoy mobile banking without any kind of harm.

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