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Hacks to ensure internet security and privacy in 2019

The web of the internet is getting bigger day by day. New cyber technologies, applications, tools, gadgets are making our job easy. But at the same time, breaches and another kind of malicious activities are increasing. Just a simple mistake and you make have to face a big loss. If you want to keep yourself safe then you must have ensured the security at your every single step.

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Here we have discussed the top security tips in 2019:

  • Limit your social media privacy settings

Today social networking account is not a choice, everyone has it. Using social networking sites is not bad at all. SNSs platforms provide a good communication channel between friends, celebrities, and fans, and it is also a good place for digital marketing. But you should not share your personal details over your SNS. You should decide what data should be visible to your friend list and what should not. Never add unknown people on your friend list.

  • Don't store your personal information here and there

People usually prefer cloud-based storage for keeping their documents so they can easily access the files and documents from anywhere. But you should not use cloud storage such as Google Docs, Dropbox for storing your personal information such as net banking details, passwords, passport, and other official documents details, etc. You can use Activate Norton with Product Key which provides a safe password manager for securing your all important details.

  • Clean your traces

Hackers mostly use our browsing history for phishing. Our search patterns can various things about us. Hackers send pop-ups and advertisements on our web browser according to our searches. If you are searching for a house, you will start getting various pop-ups regarding house, home loans, etc.

Cybercriminals send fake pop-ups about good deals and when you click on the pop-up; your device gets infected with malware which can perform a various mischievous activity on your device and network. You should always delete your history files, cookies, caches, and temporary data from your device.

  • Get password safety

Never leave your device or any account without password

Password is like a primary safety wall between you and hacker. Always use a strong password for securing your account. You should create a meaningless password which includes capital letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters. This type of password is difficult to crack. You should not use the same password for your every account.

  • Do not share your personal phone number and email address everywhere

While filling any form; without any second thought we quickly enter or email address or phone number. This kind of practice can be very dangerous. Hackers can use your email for spamming purpose. You should create a secondary email id which is not connected with any important account for filling our gaming and other SNS forms. With this habit, even if your secondary email gets compromised; you don't have to deal with heavy loss.

  • Get back-up of your important documents

If you want to keep yourself safe from any kind of data ransom then you should keep back-up of every important document. With this step, even if a person hacks and encrypts your personal data, you don't have to pay ransom for decrypting. You can keep back-up of your documents on cloud or in your personal external HDD.

If you adopt internet security measures while accessing the internet then you don't have to worry about any kind of loss. The more you secure your data and device the less you get attacked.

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