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Find A Quick Way To Get Control Of Your Pc With Norton Clean Sweep

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With regular use system folders become cluttered , files get scattered around and lost, and the registry gets filled with unnecessary information. Without proper upkeep, simply using your computer normally and correctly may end up decreasing its performance. Just like your car, your PC needs a regular tune-up so as to operate at peak performance.


Norton CleanSweep is a pair of tools help you do this regular maintenance quickly and easily. It lets you free up disk space and manage applications on your own personal computer from one simple to use control panel. It's designed to allow you safer and better control over what gets cleaned and deleted from your computer and if. Many of us don't realize that Windows doesn't do the best job of removing and deleting files and applications. Frequently files are left on your machine and end up using precious disk space that impacts drive performance. Worse, often files are usually left in the system directories which leads to poor computer performance.

Get Norton from and clean your computer from the deep. Norton Clean Sweep helps manage both things you manually and people that you remove through Windows' Add/Remove Programs. As a result you keep you system working more smoothly and at a far higher degree of performance.


Here is a partial list of some of the benefits Norton CleanSweep provides:


Uninstall Cleaners:


* Uninstall Wizard -- Clean Sweep safely eliminates programs for the safest and most complete removal.

Quick & Safe Cleanup--Searches your system locates and deletes particular file types which are proven to be safe to remove

Internet Cache and Cookie Cleanup--Instantly frees up valuable disk space by removing files from your internet cache and Internet cookies. By Way of Example files from websites you've visited months ago but not visited again


System Cleaners:


Registry Sweep -- The Windows Registry is a database of configuration information about your computer, programs, and consumer preferences. Many uninstallers don't remove their registry entries. This dramatically reduces performance. The registry sweeper cleans and optimizes your registry


Duplicate File Finder -- Often applications create duplicate copies of files. Often people do it too, quite by mistake. These waste disk space and may affect performance. Norton Clean Sweep finds these and lets you select what to do with them (keep, move, or delete).


Safe Cleanup -- This allows you to set certain file types that are going to be put into a particular'holding' area prior to being deleted. So if you are a web developer you'll be able to tell it to'hold' .html pages instead of directly deleting them. This permits you to examine files one more time before actually deleting them. You're able to tell wash sweep any quantity and kind of files to safeguard (.doc, .jpg, .mp3, .xls) if you're in a workplace this is a terrific way to protect valuable files from accidental deleting.


Overall Norton Clean sweep is a nice addition to the Norton Utilities suite of applications. It's now an integrated part of Norton Utilities and/or Norton System Works.

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