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Common Antivirus Software Myths You Should Be Careful About

The cyber world is becoming dangerous day by day. With the rapid increase of online threats; installing a good antivirus becomes vital. However, there are various kinds of myths about antivirus.

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Here we have discussed some common antivirus myths:

Myth 1: Antivirus is useless

You have heard that antivirus is useless. Sadly, people are still ignoring that there is something called cybercrime. They think that antivirus vendors are using cybercrime term just for marketing. But no! Today cybercrime becomes very common and dangerous. Your bank account can go to nil in just one second. So, if you want to keep yourself safe then install a good antivirus in your device.

Myth 2: Antivirus reduces system speed

Antivirus does not reduce your system speed. If your device is working slowly after installing antivirus; it means your device is not fulfilling the system requirement of your antivirus or your device has low disk space. Check the device compatibility before installing the antivirus. Sometimes, free or third-party antivirus software can slow down your device. It's better to install paid and reputed antivirus in your device.

Myth 3: Antivirus will increase system speed

Antivirus neither reduces nor speeds up the device. In case, your device is working slowly due to malware then after scanning your device with antivirus; it will restore the original system's speed. But if your device is already working on original speed then the antivirus will not affect it.

Myth 4: There is no need of updating OS and other software programs after installing antivirus

Updating your OS and other software is vital. Every new update is like a fix patch of the prior version. Updates are not only for providing new features but also for providing security from new risks. OS and other programs also have their own security level. Antivirus provides an extra layer of protection to your OS and software programs. Even you should update your antivirus regularly.

Myth 5: Apple devices don't need antivirus

If we talk about security level then yes apple devices are considered as most protected one. Viruses usually don't affect Mac devices. But the threats are increasing day by day. Today, viruses are not the only threat; various kinds of malware such as spybots, Trojans, and hackers can harm your device. Now it's become vital for installing antivirus in every device which is connected to the internet.

Myth 6: Famous websites are always secure

Well, we often say to take prevention measures while visiting unknown websites. It's a good practice but you should not ignore safety measures while accessing famous websites. Famous websites are usually secure but not always. Trusted or unknown; you should always use browser safety feature before accessing it.

Myth 7: Antivirus is not important if you don't have any important documents or files in your device

Malware does not only infect or corrupts your files and documents from the hard drive but can also steal your passwords and other bank details. Keyloggers store your passwords, credit cards details and send it back to the hacker by using your network. So, whether you have any important data or not; install www TrendMicro Com BestBuyPC and secure your device from keyloggers and other hacking practices.

Myth 8: If your computer is infected with malware; your device is hacked

There are various kinds of malware such as viruses, adware, Trojans, spyware, etc. If your device is infected, it is not necessary that your system is hacked. Your device can be infected with malicious emails, malicious URL, etc.

Myth 9: Two is always better than one

If you are thinking that single antivirus is not capable of providing full security and thinking of using two or more antivirus program then you are totally wrong. Two or more antivirus together can decrease PC performance, create conflicts for accessing resources.

Myth 10: Your device is fully secure with antivirus

Antivirus provides an extra layer of protection to your device and network but this doesn't mean you are fully secure from all kinds of threats. New threats are arriving every day. If you want to keep your device secure when you have to update your device, your software, and your antivirus regularly.

You should always use security measures such as safe browsing practices, using the secure network, using a strong password, etc along with good antivirus for providing best protection to your device and network.

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